Our Mission

We are a team of sensory magicians and immersion artists.

We are above all the masters of imaginative storytelling. In a first for the real life escape room concept, every experience is inspired by the shadows of Singapore’s past. Haunted by secrets of war and mysteries of urban legends, every scenario is richly detailed… with discoveries reserved only for the keenest of minds and bravest of hearts. Finding the perfect escape will test personal mettle, make or break team spirit, and resolve the deepest rivalries once and for all.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. With your mind as the only weapon, can you escape the dead end?

Our Philosophy

Outthink The Enemy

Uniquely by Unravel, teams are pitted against one and other in a war against the clock. To make the escape, teams go head-to-head in a fiercely contested battle of smarts. Who can outlast the mind games? Special team-play mechanics are designed to keep you on your toes. Whenever you think you’re ahead, be careful of sabotage—the other team may just unlock the box that docks your precious time. Every choice could change the tide. Winning team gets bragging rights. Make sure you’re on it.

Our Philosophy

Go Back in Time

Singapore is haunted by its past, with myths and legends set against the tapestry of local folklore. Every story unravels yet another chapter of Singapore’s very own historical drama…feeding players with a dose of nostalgic reality that hits close to home.

Our Philosophy

Make or Break the Team

Stay cool. Be brave. Keep positive. And if necessary—get kiasu. Every trait has a place on the team. But one thing’s for sure: more brains are better than one. Despite everyone’s differences, team players will discover the importance of putting their heads together. Each individual has a role to play, but only team unity can win the game.

Our Philosophy

Get Out or Get Lost

To escape a tough fix, players face a true test of their mettle. Do you cower before the unknown, or trust your gut instinct? Each puzzle challenges analytical skills and intellect, while opening the doors to creative and critical thinking. Get those brain juices flowing—you’ll need it.

Our Philosophy

Sensory Overload

Scene of a crime. Remnants of a war. Unexplained phenomena. Whatever the setting, the story comes alive in its surroundings. An eye for detail and keen ears are rewarded as players step right into carefully composed scenarios of places and eras long gone. Each true-to-life environment sets the tone for mysteries begging to be solved.

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