Bookeo reviews

Jeremiah Tan

“Have tried quite a few of the different escape rooms in Singapore. Unravel gets a huge thumbs up for their creativity, challenging and well thought out puzzles, and the local flavor added to it. … The staff were also highly enthusiastic and friendly. Highly recommended!”

Kenneth Lau

“Haunting was awesome! Very different from other escape rooms and with some real scares along the way too! Thanks for the fun time!”

Melvin Chong

“Definitely an unique experience for me because of the local theme they have. A very educational and enriching escape room in Singapore. My team and I were the first to complete the most difficult room in Unravel. I will definitely be there for the rest of the local theme escape room to understand the history of Singapore!”

Yan Rong Sia

“It was creative and require us to really think out of the box! An enriching experience and it was indeed eye-opening! Recommended!”

Tianjun Lim

“Awesome mechanics and sufficient side puzzels to keep everyone in a group of 5 entertained”

Abdul Rafi Salleh

“My friends and I are addicted to it. Think we will conquer each and every theme possible in Unravel. Solidly themed with very friendly crews!”

Pingting Lee

Mind-boggling, mentally grueling experience!!! Bringing what u see on TV and games into reality!!!

Xinyi Lin

“having never played an escape game, The Wish was a great introduction and a perfect recommendation by the friendly staff members. everything – from the debriefing to the set up of the room to the challenging puzzles – made for an awesome experience. it was so fun that my friends and i played The Betrayal right after that and we’ll definitely be back for the other rooms! would highly recommend this to any group that wants to have a good time.”


“Me and my Hubby LOVED IT!!! Excellent concept making it unique and give you a little bit of knowledge about Singapore… it was our first game room experience and will definitely not be our last. We managed to do The Wish and The Haunting in our quick visit to Singapore and will be back for the other 2 rooms :) The creators of this amazing fun filled experience are amazing and im still amazed by there creativity and hard work they put in to make it work- great job guys. They take big groups as well so definitely a good idea for team building :) YOU MUST MUST MUST go and experience Unravel… it was geniunly amazing fun!!! Thank you Team Unravel!!! The Ausies :)”


“Having tried a lot of escape rooms in Singapore including the big-scale Escape games (at stadium halls), I was keen to try this latest kid on the block. And after trying this with my family, I can say this ranks extremely high – fun, intelligent storyline/game with a plus on good service.

Rooms are well-designed and game is well thought-through. I didn’t expect that there are actually a lot to look for and a look of devices were closed – a particular room which I was in had a very special part which would be missed had it not been for my very alert sister =) Surprising fun, exciting and intelligent!


“Heard of this relatively new escape room in Singapore, thus came to try it out. i find the concept of this escape room unique and interesting as the theming of rooms are base on Singapore’s history and urban legends. Even though im not a Singaporean, I like the “local” concept idea and liked the opportunity to know more about Singapore’s past, especially the urban legends. The staff were really friendly and “animated”, thus the introduction on Singapore’s past was particularly interesting.

We played The Wish and The Haunting and really enjoyed the experience. The theming of rooms was good and the game flow and puzzles were engaging. There were also interesting usage of technologies as well.

Learned from the staff that the rooms were designed by the owners themselves and i am pretty impressed with their concept and setup Will definitely be back to try the other 2 rooms!”

Tze Y

“Love the uniquely Singaporean urban legend-themed rooms that not only gave us locals a strong sense of familiarity and association with the plots but would also provide visiting tourists, insights into Singapore’s history and myths. Really creative work by the management. Staff present were also cheerful and helpful. Kudos to the team at Unravel. Truly one of its kind escape room experience in Singapore.”

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